What is the Parish Council’s role in the planning process?

The Parish Council (PC) is a statutory consultee and provides local knowledge of issues that affect the community. The PC should highlight how proposals will best benefit or detriment the community.

Are there any special planning considerations for Milton Abbas?

Yes. Much of the village is in the Milton Abbas Conservation Area and the original village is covered by an Article 4 Direction. The current Conservation Area Appraisal which details the extent of the Conservation Area and the Article 4 area can be downloaded from the North Dorset District Council website here.

The Parish Council’s approach to commenting on planning applications

The PC has decided to use a targeted approach when reviewing planning applications. We learnt, researched and adapted our replies to fit ‘material considerations’ considered under the national planning policy. Even with the improvements to our comments there appears to be a lack of weight that NDDC gives these comments when deciding a planning applications. It is frustrating to spend a lot of time looking at applications, discussing them and providing comments when these are ignored within the current planning system. In reviewing what was the point of our role the PC decided it was still essential to support the community and their views. Therefore the following was decided:

If a resident asks the PC to support or object to an application the PC will look at the application in detail as before. The PC will also look at the application in detail if a non neutral comment from a resident has been made on the NDDC planning portal. These requests or comments should be made no later than 3 days before the relevant PC meeting.

If the PC isn’t asked to look at an application and no non neutral comments have been made on the NDDC planning portal then the PC will respond with “No comment at this time”. Responding with a neutral comment ensures the PC has a right to comment later if it goes to committee or appeal.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Parish Council is leading the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan and Order for the parish. This will take some time to be completed but when done will help make sure that the location and form of future development within the parish is appropriate. More information can be found on the Neighbourhood Development Plan page.