Neighbourhood Plan and Order for Milton Abbas

Update February 2020 : NP submitted for Examination

Thanks to excellent levels of local support, the Milton Abbas Neighbourhood Development Plan (NP) has made good progress over recent months and has been submitted to Dorset Council for examination.

At the examination, an independent examiner will provide a review of the plan and make recommendations in accordance with the 2011 Localism Act and related regulations. In particular, the examiner has to consider whether the plan meets certain basic conditions, satisfies legal requirements, and identifies an appropriate area for a referendum.

As the local planning authority, Dorset Council is required to consult on the plan before the examination takes place. Everyone (including residents, landowners and businesses) has six weeks from Friday 31 January to Friday 13 March 2020 to make representations on the plan with regard to the content and how it has been prepared. Please see details here:

Many thanks from the NP team for all the input that has been received to date.



8th JULY—19th AUGUST

The Plan and supporting documents are available here:

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Documents

Document TitleDescriptionDownload LinkAlternative Download
NDPNeighbourhood Development PlanNDP-Draft-Plan-for-Consultation.pdfLink
HNAHousing Needs AssessmentMilton-Abbas-Housing-Need-Assessment-R5.pdfLink
HDAHousing Density AssessmentMA-NDP-Housing-Density-Assessment-2018-v3-compressed.pdfLink
SEA NTSStrategic Environmental Assessment - Non Technical SummarySEA-pre-submission-draft-Milton-Abbas-NP-190706-NTS.pdfLink
SEAStrategic Environmental Assessment - Environmental ReportSEA-pre-submission-draft-Milton-Abbas-NP-190706-as-issued-for-consultation.pdfLink
Information PosterNDP-Pre-sub-consultation-July2019v3.pdfLink
Consultation Feedback FormMA-NDP-Pre-submission-Consultation-form.pdf
Word Document Version
Word .docx
Survey Results - Options Consultation Feb 2019Options consultation Feb 2019
Survey Results - Green Spaces and ViewsGreen spaces & Views

Printed copies are on display in St James’s Church.
The Plan is also available to view in the Hambro Arms and Milton Abbas Surgery.

Further details and contact information is provided in the information sheet listed above.


Key Documents

NP Consultation – Green Spaces and Important Views – May 2019

The NDP group is now launching a consultation about Green Spaces and Important Views which will run for three weeks until June 10th.

As always we would like as many people as possible to look at our draft documents and to tell us whether or not they support our suggestions, and perhaps put forward suggestions of their own.

There is a display in St James’s Church, together with printed copies of the assessments and a short questionnaire, and the same documents and questionnaire are available below.

Green spaces and views comms

MA NP Important Views Assessment 2019

MA NP Green Spaces Assessment 2019

NP Consultation – Sites and Policies Options – Feb 2019

The next consultation drop in session will be Wednesday 13th Feb 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Many thanks again to the 140 people who responded to our last NDP consultation in August, which provided a rich source of information about how our community wants the parish to develop.

Over the last few months your NDP team has:

  • Conducted a call for development sites in the parish
  • Commissioned an independent suitability assessment for each of the sites put forward
  • Completed a housing needs assessment
  • Developed some draft ideas for the NDP vision, objectives, policies and possible sites for development .

We would now like to consult you again on this recent work to ensure we are progressing as rapidly as possible towards an NDP that is approved of by the community and strengthens our influence on future planning decisions.

We very much hope that you will be able to take part in this survey.  Full details are included in questionnaires that are available in Milton Abbas at the Surgery, the Post Office and Steeptonbill Farm Shop.  Questionnaires can also be downloaded from the “Documents” section below where the site assessment and housing needs assessment documents mentioned above are also available.


December 2018 Update

A merry Christmas to Everyone. During the last two months the NDP group has been progressing the three workstreams below.

Site assessments

Following the call for sites process in October, AECOM have been commissioned to complete site assessments for the 17 proposals that were put forward. AECOM have been completing their work during November and December and their report is anticipated before the end of the year. Their report will represent an objective and independent assessment of the suitability of each site for development, based on the requirements of national and local planning policy.

Housing needs assessment

North Dorset District Council received the housing needs assessment on the 8th December. Their conclusions are expected at the beginning of January.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Jo Witherden has been commissioned as our consultant to assist us through the NDP process and her current main focus is to progress the Strategic Environmental Assessment that will be required for the plan.

Next steps

During January, the NDP team will be reviewing the above work and using the evidence to develop the NDP’s draft policy options. We welcome the fact that the Parish Council wish to be involved in shaping the policy options before they are put to the whole community for consultation as early as possible in the New Year. It is important that we have a draft plan in place at the earliest opportunity so that we are in a stronger position to influence future planning developments in the parish.

13th September 2018 – Steering Group Meeting

The NDP Steering Group had a very useful meeting with one of North Dorset’s Planning Policy officers. The draft notes from the meeting can be found on the NDP Meeting Notes page.

2nd September 2018 – Consultation Results Presentation

The NDP Working Group presented the results of the July/August consultation in St James’s church. The slides can be found here. The Call for Sites form can be found here (pdf) or here (doc).

September 2018 (copy of the article which appeared in the September Bulletin)

The steering group for the Milton Abbas Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) met on 13th August (notes from the meeting can be found here) to consider once again the housing needs of the village and to make sure that we develop a coherent and viable Plan as quickly and efficiently as possible. This must be in line with national and local policies and guidelines or it will not be accepted and will have no power to influence developers and planners. If our NDP is in place it has to be considered as part of the planning process, so it is our chance as a community to say how many new homes the village needs, what sort of houses they should be and where they should go.

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned a questionnaire. We have collected 140 forms which are now being analysed meticulously so that we can identify the major issues and give consideration to all the views contained in your replies. This will inform and focus our vision for the plan, and guide us in gathering further information and commissioning any necessary reports to support the policies which go into the plan. This gives the plan a firm evidence base and ensures that the NDP reflects accurately the views of the whole community.

The results of the analysis and outline proposals for the NDP based on this analysis will be presented at the meeting in St James’s Church on 2nd September at 3pm

As soon as the draft plan has been prepared it will be made available for everyone to read and to comment on it before it goes to the local planning authority and an independent examiner for checking. Finally, it will come back to you to have your say in a referendum.

All those involved in creating the Neighbourhood Development Plan for the village want to ensure that the process is open and transparent, so we intend to put all relevant information onto the NDP website as it becomes available, in addition to updates in The Bulletin and notices on the community Facebook page. We will also add a feedback form and FAQs section to the website.

We have had a letter dated 31st July 2108 from the consultants for the firm who are looking to develop the field opposite Catherines Well suggesting that the group had given an indication in 2016 that this “land was available for development”. We have been through the correspondence and talked to those involved in the NDP at the time and this is not the case and no such ‘indication’ was given.

The letter also states that when their representative spoke to the NDP group at the end of June he told us that their clients were considering “a development of around 40 to 60 dwellings”. All those present at the meeting agree that he suggested that the site was suitable for up to 100 dwellings and that their clients would be promoting a development of 60 to 100 dwellings, so that is what we passed on to everyone. Perhaps our views are already having some effect!

The letter from Terence O’Rourke can be found here and our reply here.

July 2018 Open Meeting

Our thanks to everyone who attended the Open Meeting. You can find the presentation slides here.

July 2018

There has been much recent interest and many questions about a new development proposal and its relevance to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP). This note aims to provide further clarification and context.

Why is the NDP Working Group looking into the proposed development and not the Parish Council?

The NDP Working Group is a working group of the Parish Council and is made up of both councillors and non-councillors. As no firm plans have been put forward yet there isn’t anything for the PC to recommend refusal or acceptance of.

However an NDP can influence where and what is built and as such the NDP Working Group is the best forum to look into the suitability of the proposed site alongside other possible sites in the parish.

While the PC is legally responsible for neighbourhood planning it can delegate the writing of an NDP to a working group. This is a similar structure to Play Park Working Group.


As a Milton Abbas Parish Councillor, Kate Chastey led the Milton Abbas NP process back in 2016. The area was designated, the initial local consultation exercise was completed and its results presented to a well-attended village meeting in August 2016. At the meeting, there was an appeal for volunteers to come forward to progress the NP to its conclusion. Following Kate’s departure from the village, progress has slowed to a near stop. The NP working party has for some time been seeking more support to advance our plan. You may have seen our stand at the recent Annual Parish Meeting. Developing the NP is important, because it can enable local communities to determine the location and nature of new development in their area.

The Parish Clerk received in June a request from an architect for an informal meeting to discuss some land on which they had purchased an option. At the informal meeting with the NP working party on 29 June it transpired that the land in question was as marked in blue on the map below.

Current position

First, we would like to apologise very sincerely for the unease caused by the recent anonymous Elliegram about the above proposal for houses to the east of the village. We were all very surprised at the meeting by the location and scale of the proposal and the intention was to share in good faith the information as openly and as quickly as possible.

It should be emphasised that no planning application has been made to build houses on the land marked on the map above; the area merely defines a proposed location for possible future development. It should also be emphasised that the NP working party has no view on the amount or location of any future development – those matters are for the community to decide in coming together to construct an NP by consensus and putting it to a parish referendum.

We have pointed out in the past that without an NP in place the parish potentially has less control over the location and type of development that occurs. NPs do not have to be led by the Parish Council and are usually developed collectively by a community involving unpaid volunteers. If the prospect of high numbers of houses on a small field makes you feel like taking action, then there is plenty to do that may contribute to ‘material weight’ in the planning system. You can support the NP either by participating in future consultations or by getting involved with the NP process itself (e.g. doing research, community engagement, creating part of the document, providing photos, reviewing and editing).

Next Steps

  • The Parish Council is seeking more details regarding the proposed development from the developers
  • There will be an open NDP meeting when parish residents will be able to ask questions and share views regarding the way forward for the community’s NDP. The date is yet to be finalised and it is planned to be in the week of the 16th July.
  • 19th August 3:30-5pm: NDP working party drop-in consultation in the Reading Rooms, hopefully to discuss an early draft of the NDP.
  • Between now and 19th August any feedback and questions about the NDP can be directed to copying the Parish Clerk Elizabeth Sellen or writing to Milton Abbas Parish Council, Bourne View, Chapel Lane, Winterborne Stickland, Blandford DT11 0NG.

On Wednesday 24th August 2016, the Working Party of the Neighbourhood Development Plan presented to a packed Reading Rooms!

Parish Councillor Kate Chastey kicked off the evening with an overview of where we are up to in the process so far and talked about the designated Neighbourhood Area and the representation The Street, Catherine’s Well and the wider community had in the room on the night. Kate commented that it was brilliant to see so many people, from all three areas of our village.

Then there was an insightful presentation from local Planning Consultant Jo Witherden ( Jo demonstrated her experience by succinctly defining what a Neighbourhood Plan is and how it can benefit us. She also provided an example case for Cerne Valley and how their plan led to off-shoot projects for the greater good of the community.

The audience then heard from James Farnham on the responses received to the Vision Survey. James began by reiterating why the Vision Survey was important, and why it was intentionally so short with very broad questions; at this stage in the process, the Working Party wanted unprompted, qualitative feedback on people’s like and dislikes, views on pressures facing the village and people’s opinions of what needs to change.

And that is indeed what we received!

11% of our community took the time to write anything between 60 and 1400 words in spontaneous responses. James gave an overview of the responses highlighting the main 4 or 5 themes that became clear for each question.

The event concluded with a lively debate about what a Neighbourhood Development Plan could really do for the Village, whether it was capable of addressing all the issues and concerns raised in the Vision Survey and indeed whether a Plan holds any weight at all if local or even central government change policies. All of these were really valid and interesting discussion points, and in the end a vote was taken on the feeling within the room; All but 5 people were ‘for’ progressing with a plan for Milton Abbas, five were ‘undecided’ and nobody stated that they were ‘against’ a Neighbourhood Plan. One member of the audience very eloquently stated; ‘If we have a group of people willing to put in the time and effort to create a plan, that gives the Village some say when it comes to Development, and can be funded by grants, why wouldn’t we go ahead?”
Kate Chastey confirmed that the Parish Council support the Neighbourhood Plan fully. She stated that the Councillors are here to represent the village at large, and so too are the NDP Working Party. She urged people to come forward and get involved. Whatever your views, whatever your experience of the village, however long you’ve been here – everybody will be welcomed into discussions about the Milton Abbas Development Plan.

The slide show shown at this event is available here.


Below you will find all the information you might need about what the NDP is, why it is important and how you can get involved.



What documents might you find useful? 

The NDP Fact Sheet – this is a two page quick reference guide put together by the Milton Abbas Working Party to help our residents understand what the NDP is and why it’s important.

The Milton Abbas NDP Timeline – this is the schedule we hope to keep in order to bring the NDP to life. It is subject to change as this is a huge project and there may be bumps in the road ahead!

The Designated Area for Milton Abbas – this is a map of the Parish boundary. For information on  our adjoining Neighbourhood Areas and others within North Dorset click here.

The Neighbourhood Plans Road Map Guide – this is a brilliant 54 page booklet to help you understand the detail of an NDP.

The North Dorset District Plan Part 1 and Part 2 – detailing all the policies that the District has agreed to adopt between now and 2031.

The Historic Towns Survey for our village.

The Conservation Area Appraisal carried out in 2014.

The Terms of Reference of the Milton Abbas Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Party.

The Working Party understand there is a lot of information to take in, and naturally there will be questions. We want to be as transparent as possible so below we will keep a list of ‘FAQs’ and add to this list as and when residents raise queries. If you have a question, email and Kate Chastey or James Farnham will respond as soon as possible.

Question: How much is the NDP going to cost the village? I’ve heard some are as much as £35,000!
Answer: The Milton Abbas NDP is budgeted to cost no more than £10,000. £8,000 will be grant funded, £2,000 is allocated in the Parish Council budget. We also hope to get support from local businesses when the time comes for printing etc. NDPs in areas such as Sturminster and Blandford would cost much more because of the size of the community and the cost of publicity and engagement. In Milton Abbas, we have the Bulletin’s support to spread news of the NDP which is fabulous, and we also have a valuable network within the village for keeping people updated – including all the village notice boards, the ‘Ellie-gram’ and the Milton Abbas Facebook page. We also have a Working Party volunteering their time, energy and skills. This is a hugely important project. It will be the legacy of this Parish Council and so it is absolutely vital it is done properly and with everyone’s input. It will be £10,000 very well spent!

Question: How do I get involved in the Working Party? I’d like to represent a group of people in the village.
Answer: Fantastic!! Just email Kate on or call 01258 88 21 62.

Question: How will the Plan be voted on?
Answer: Once we have gone through all the stages listed in the diagram above, there will be a referendum. 50% have to vote in favour of the plan in order for it to be adopted.

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