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Magnus Bashaarat

Magnus Bashaarat is Headmaster of the Milton Abbey School. Previously he has taught at Stowe and Eton. He has been in post here for over 3 years and is a strong supporter of coeducation, as is evident in the increasing numbers of female students. As well as seeking a high standard in academic subjects he is also a strong advocate for vocational studies. “I’m privileged to be co-opted onto the parish council. There is a tangible sense of community and purpose in Milton Abbas which I am keen to support. I’m not joining the parish council as a representative of Milton Abbey School, but the school is involved with many people’s lives in the village, and using its resources and expertise to support the local community’s welfare and development will be an important part of my role”.


Gavin Bridle

Gavin Bridle has lived in Catherine’s Well for the last 8 years. He is married to Juliana and they have a young son and daughter both attending Dunbury School. Gavin is a civil servant based in London but as a project manager for his department he also works from home. Locally he is chairman of the Play Park Committee and is heavily involved in the current Play Park refurbishment programme. “My involvement with the Play Park has given me an insight into village life and working with the community. This has been challenging at times but ultimately I have found it to be thoroughly rewarding. I would like to continue this community spirit whilst trying to narrow the perceived gap between one end of the village and the other. Living in Catherine’s Well gives me the opportunity to listen to local residents concerns and wishes whilst relaying this to the Parish Council to help narrow the divide”.


Tobias Carleton-Prangnell (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Form)

tcp-photo-from-peter-chaferI would certainly consider Milton Abbas to be one of the most picturesque villages in rural Britain and feel incredibly fortunate to live within an area of such outstanding natural beauty.  With a background in heritage building conservation I can both appreciate the importance of maintaining and protecting the sensitive historic integrity of the village while incorporating a realistic and essential requirement for 21st century family living.  I feel passionately about this natural balance and felt honoured to be co-opted in as councillor to serve the village honestly, fairly and with transparency.


David Cocking 

David Cocking lives on the edge of the Abbey estate and has been back home permanently in Milton Abbas for the last 3 years. Mostly he has worked abroad in the oil industry; 30 years plus with B.P. He says that he and his wife Jill, are now semi-retired and are both much enjoying life in the parish. Why has he offered to sit as a parish councillor? “It is much to do” he says, “with living abroad. Here most of us take for granted some of the precious aspects of life in the U.K. If you live here they are all around us and we really don’t notice. But when viewed from afar it is then that certain aspects of British culture stand out as being unique.  It is those benefits that I would like to nurture and help conserve now that I am home again”.


Steve Cox (Discloseable Pecuniary Interest Form)

stevecoxI feel that the Parish Council has failed the residents of Milton Abbas. Some examples: Article 4 that they endorsed, means that affected houses no longer sell and owners have to produce detailed plans and pay fees to replace garden sheds. I have seen no efforts to slow traffic, and no financial provision for the maintenance of those village amenities for which they have responsibility. The dismantled Play Park Climbing Frame is a case in point. The felling of trees in Jane’s Wood required them as owners to go cap in hand to MATCH to fund this necessary operation. Simply, with your support, I will do better than this.


stevegouldFor most of my career I have worked for the Prison Service and over the years have acquired negotiating skills learned in difficult situations. This experience might I think stand me in good stead as a parish councillor! I have now in addition, a small computer that helps me run Steeptonbill Farm and its associated Farm shop. On a day to day basis, I am made very aware of the issues and concerns that confront the people of Milton Abbas. I believe I will have a positive impact on village activities as I always try to approach problems with a down to earth and rational outlook. It will be a great pleasure to be of service to the village.


tomivesI have lived in Milton Abbas for the past 17 years and in Dorset for 40 years and for the past 10 years I have been a parish councillor. I welcome all the new councillors joining us. I am sure it will bring new ideas and opportunities for the village. I urge all parishioners to help make it a successful term by participating in the PC meetings and giving us all your views and concerns. We are lucky to live in such a unique location, but we must also ensure that conservation is balanced with the modern day requirements of families who choose to live here.


elliepayneMy name is Ellie Payne and I have been on the Milton Abbas Parish Council for 4 years and I am happy to continue in this role as someone representing the interests of the community and to whom you can look to for help, guidance and support. I am much looking forward to working with the new members of the Parish Council who no doubt, will bring with them fresh ideas and new proposals.


rowanwoodhouseI have a 1 year old daughter, Amelia, and have lived in the village for 3 years with my wife Susan. I passionately believe in going beyond simply following procedure and “doing things right” by “doing the right thing”. Through my recent listed building and planning applications I have the skills to draw up, read and visualise these applications, surveys and drawings. I will always welcome questions, comments and constructive criticism.