Milton Abbas Parish Council Transport Report

Originally presented at Milton Abbas Parish Council Meeting on 13 July 2016, by Nigel Hodder;
“The meeting to discuss community transport options was attended by a total of 18 people; 3 presenters -Nigel Hodder, Hilary Cox and Ian Gray of Dorset Community Transport, plus 2 Parish Council representatives (Melcombe Horsey & Hilton) and 13 residents of Milton Abbas Winterborne Whitechurch & Melcombe Bingham.
County Councillor Cox advised that she did not expect the 311 service to survive the further transport budget cut of £1.85m announced by Dorset County Council (DCC) to apply from July 2017.
I [Nigel Hodder] have offered Neighbourcar’s services to get people to and from Winterborne Whitechurch or Milborne St Andrew in order for them to use the X12 service but emphasised that this is not a taxi service and that the precise bus requirements would need to be agreed beforehand for the volunteer drivers to be available for such an option.
Ian Gray informed us that a service had recently been launched by DCT called “PlusBus” designed to operate between the hours that their buses are required to carry out the school run (approximately 9:30 to 2:30 p.m.). There would be a flat fare of £5 for a return journey as a contribution to costs. Residents would need to establish a firm demand and to this end I am happy to act as a coordinator in the short term to get such a service established assuming there is sufficient demand.
The one downside to the DCT offering is that they currently do not operate the bus service to/from Milton Abbey School although I believe they do something to/from Dunbury School which is not too far away.
A short survey will appear in the Bulletin, alongside a report on the meeting, to determine what people currently use the 311 for and whether they would be prepared to consider a variety of options including possible joint use of the school bus (something that DCC are considering).
The public consultation, that ends on 22 July, can be accessed here.”

Nigel Hodder 13 July 2016

Early views on the Milton Abbas NDP – 24th August

On behalf of the Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Party would like to invite residents to an event entitled: “Early views on the Milton Abbas NDP”. 

We recently ran a Vision Questionnaire that asked all residents to tell us about their vision for the development of the village over the coming years. We asked you about your likes and dislikes, about the things you treasure and the improvements you want to see.

At this event on Wednesday 24th August, in the Reading Rooms at 7.30pm, the Working Party will present the feedback we’ve had and suggest the core themes that will be taken forward in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Please come and hear what the residents have said – there will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the NDP and put your additional ideas forward.

If you havent returned a Vision Survey, but would like to do so, the final deadline is Friday 5th August. 

July Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the July Parish Council meeting is now online on the Meetings page. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th at 7:30pm in the Reading Rooms. The open forum will be held prior to the parish council meeting and commence at 7.30 pm. We would particularly invite comments and queries ref agenda items but other issues can be addressed. The open forum will last for up to 25 minutes and the chair will ensure that the time allocated to people is fair.

Great News For The Playpark – Announcement Two

The Playpark has been accepted as a nominee for the One Family Foundation appeal and has requested a £25,000 donation. The Playpark’s success or failure is now based purely on total votes received.  Please share the following link with your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and associates and encourage them to vote and then to share with their contacts.  Thank you. (Shared on behalf of the Playpark Committee)

Great News For The Playpark Funds – Announcement One

Milton Abbas playpark has been chosen for the green token scheme at Tesco’s in Blandford, we are however, up against two others groups. Voting will begin in store for one week only. If we win, the £100 giftcard will be used to purchase equipment to help maintain the playpark.
The playpark appeal would greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you. (Shared on behalf of the Playpark Committee)