DCC Consultation – Proposed Changes to Registration Services

DCC are consulting on proposals to change Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships due to anticipated future budget pressures.
A panel of councillors are considering the following:
• A reduction in the number of office locations at which births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships can be registered.
• A reduction in the number of Dorset County Council managed marriage and civil partnership ceremony venues.
• To introduce a two stage marriage preparation process.
• To charge marriage fees based on full cost recovery.
• To withdraw the ‘Tell Us Once’ Service for Births.
• To introduce a new income earning service ‘Nationality Checking Service’.
Your views are important. Please take the time to complete the survey online at www.dorsetforyou.com/registration-consultation or pick up and drop off a survey form from any Dorset County Council Registration Office or Library.
The consultation is open from 16 June to 11 August 2016.

Annual Parish Meeting

The agenda for the Annual Parish meeting is now online on the Meetings page. The meeting will take place on Friday 17th at 7:30pm in the Reading Rooms. Guest speakers include Mr Ben Barker from the Dunbury Academy, PC David Mullins from Dorset Police and Mr Charles Miller who will provide an overview of Fracking and the potential impact of licenses granted to Frack in Milborne St Andrew.

Access to Jane’s Wood

Since the disappearance of the finger post pointing down to Jane’s Wood there has been some confusion about the status of the path that runs between the fields and the houses in Athelstan Way. The Title to Jane’s Wood includes the following easement: “A right of way to and from the Property at all reasonable times but on foot only over a strip of land 8’ in width between the [start and end of the path].”
The Parish Council’s understanding is that as the Title is held in trust for the community the community is the real owner of Jane’s Wood and as such any member of the community may use the path.

June Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the June Parish Council meeting is now online on the Meetings page. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th at 7:30pm in the Reading Rooms. The open forum will be held prior to the parish council meeting and commence at 7.30 pm. We would particularly invite comments and queries ref agenda items but other issues can be addressed. The open forum will last for up to 25 minutes and the chair will ensure that the time allocated to people is fair.

A Combined Authority For Dorset – Have your say

Have your say: a combined authority for Dorset
Alongside talk of unitary and devolution, you may have heard the phrase ‘combined authority’ coming up a lot recently. But what does it actually mean and how would you be affected?
The nine councils across Dorset have been working together on proposals for a combined authority. A combined authority would see them working as one democratically-accountable body around the areas of economic development, regeneration and transport. We’ve now got to the point where we want to hear from local people and businesses about those proposals. The consultation is open now and runs until 17 June 2016.
Why is a combined authority a good idea for Dorset?
• As we are already aware councils need to transform the way they work in order to be fit for the future – this is the first step in that direction
• A combined authority would provide Dorset with the certainty of structure and accountability to be successful in any devolution deal with Government
• A combined authority would give Dorset one strong voice when bidding for funding or inward investment
• A combined authority would provide speedier decision-making on issues related to strategic economic growth and strategic transport for the area
Six combined authorities have already been established nationally with many other areas also working towards this arrangement. This is an exciting opportunity for Dorset to be part of national change.
Please take a look at our combined authority pages at www.dorset-combined-authority.uk and use the short online form to tell us what you think about the proposals. It’s a chance for each of us to have a say about an important change to the local government landscape in Dorset.
Once the consultation has closed results will be collected, shared with the Secretary of State and then go onto inform Government’s decision on establishing a combined authority in Dorset.
Please note this consultation is about Dorset’s proposal for a combined authority and is not about unitary options. If you have any questions, please contact Steph Lyons at S.Lyons@dorsetcc.gov.uk or on 01305 224271.

Draft Minerals Sites Plan Consultation 26 May to 21 July 2016

A public consultation will take place on the following two emerging planning documents between the 26 May and 21 July 2016.
The Draft Minerals Sites Plan Update 2016 is primarily an update of information that was presented in the 2015 Draft Mineral Sites Plan, including aggregate production figures for 2014, amendments to the aggregates Area of Search, amendments to some of the preferred site options and a new site which came out of the 2015 consultation.

The 2015 consultation included some potential site allocations which were indicated as unlikely to be needed during the life of the Plan. It is now considered that some of these may be needed during the life of this Plan. They are:

* AS12 – Philliol’s Farm, Wareham
* AS-14 Henbury Farm, Sturminster Marshall
* Proposed extension to Swanworth Quarry in Purbeck (PK16): Amendments have been proposed to limit visual and landscape impacts.
* New aggregates site: A site known as Gallows Hill on the Puddletown Road was nominated during the recent consultation and is presented for information.

The Draft Waste Plan Update – Additional and Emerging Preferred Waste Site Allocations contains six additional waste sites and, following further assessment work, a series of fifteen sites that are emerging as preferred for allocation in the final Waste Plan to address the key waste management needs that have been identified. The sites are shown on the overview map below.

You will notice that Land near Sunrise Business Park is emerging as the preferred site for a replacent Waste Management Centre to serve Blandford and surrounding areas.

For further information please see our website.