Will you be affected by the withdrawal of local bus services in Dorset?

Dorset County Council supports the on-going development of community based transport schemes which can often better meet local needs. Click here to view information from Dorset Community Transport about how they can offer an alternative service to communities through the new PlusBus service. For full details of Community Transport schemes available in Dorset, please visit www.dorsetforyou.com/community-transport.

Further information on the 2016 Rural Bus Service Review and a list of service changes can be found online at www.dorsetforyou.com/2016-bus-review.

Could you be a Councillor?

If you care about Milton Abbas and the issues facing local people, you could be a councillor.
Perhaps you enjoy reading the local newspaper and often have a strong opinion on the issues you read about. You may enjoy talking to friends and colleagues about what’s going on in the area. You may feel that certain sections of the community or people who live in a particular area are getting a raw deal and need stronger representation.
Research tells us that people are most concerned about issues such as crime, schools, transport, planning and the environment. Your parish council can make a difference on all these issues and many more and so can you as a local councillor.
If you would like to know more about becoming a councillor, or in applying for one of the existing vacancies, please contact the Clerk, Liz Sellen, on 01258 880383.

April Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the April Parish Council meeting is now online on the Meetings page. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th at 7:30pm in the Reading Rooms. The open forum will be held prior to the parish council meeting and commence at 7.30 pm. We would particularly invite comments and queries ref agenda items but other issues can be addressed. The open forum will last for up to 25 minutes and the chair will ensure that the time allocated to people is fair.